Join the conversation, share your opinion, and get inspired!

In the coming year, we are organizing various roundtable sessions where Deployteq customers come together to discuss what's happening. What challenges are you facing, what do you appreciate, where can improvements be made? Are you missing anything in terms of (online) support or manuals? What inspiring campaigns or setups would you like to share with other users? In short, we need your input to further enhance our service. 

During such a session, we want to discuss the following points during an interactive discussion:

  • Feedback on the recently redesigned Community section on the Support Portal. We would like to hear from you what additions you would like to see in our Community!
  • Feedback on the manuals: preferences and suggestions for manual formats (video, text, combination, another format?). Do you have examples of manuals that work well for you?
  • What are your training needs? In addition to our classroom basic and advanced training, we also offer e-learning. What are your wishes in this area?
  • Quick poll: how do you search for information when you don't know something? What steps do you take, and do you know where to look? How can we make this process easier for you?
  • What kind of support do you need in using Deployteq? What would help you?
The sessions will take place at the Deployteq office in Huis ter Heide.
Each session will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and will include lunch!

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